Newsletter: Dirty Water Talk
June 2016 Volume 4: Reducing Solids, Surcharges, Maintenance and Footprint
February 2016 Volume 3: Optimizing Dissolved Air Flotation and Reducing Surcharges
October 2015 Volume 2: Examples of High-Solids Removal in Meat and Oil & Gas
July 2015 Volume 1: Skids Introduction and New Oilfield Case Study

2016 News
September 2016 Industrial Water & Wastes Digest: Clean Machine -- How Food & Beverage Companies Solve Wastewater Challenges, p. 6-7
April 2016 National Provisioner: Improving DAF Efficiency Through Feed Stream Pretreatment
March/April 2016 Industrial Waterworld: Innovative Filter Helps Save Big, Recycle More

2015 News
October 2015 Shale Play Water Management: Advanced Filtration Boosts Produced Water Recycling (pp 70-76)
August 2015 Oilfield Operator Increases Use of Recycled Produced Water to Nearly 100 Percent
July 2015 Breakthrough Self-Cleaning Filters Now Available in Convenient Skid Design
April 2015 Webinar: High TSS Reduction Using Advanced Self-Cleaning Technology in Industrial Applications
April 2015 Water Technology: An Economical Solution for Treating and Reusing Wastewater in Food and Beverage Applications
March 2015 Industrial WaterWorld: How Advanced Self-Cleaning Technology Is Unlocking Value in Food & Beverage Wastewater Treatment Applications

2014 News
November 2014  Oil, Gas & Shipping: Dow Innovation: Fueling Sustainability & Productivity (page 18)
July 2014  Oilfield Technology: Solutions for Sustainable Water Supplies
July 2014  Processing Magazine: High-Solids Water Can Be a Challenge
July 2014  Dow Breakthrough Water Filtration Technology Wins 2014 R&D 100 Award
June 2014  TEQUATIC™ PLUS Fine Particle Filter Proves Effective in Multiple Applications in China
May 2014  Food & Beverage International: Filter Improves Water Treatment

2013 News
December 2013  Pollution Equipment News Article: TEQUATIC™ PLUS Fine Particle Filter Helps Solve Cost and Safety Challenges
Nov. 18, 2013 DOW Launches TEQUATIC™ PLUS Fine Particle Filter Globally
Nov. 04, 2013 DOW Helps Solve Difficult Water Challenges in Europe: TEQUATIC™ PLUS Fine Particle Filter
Oct. 25, 2013 Dow Brings China a Lower Cost Solution for Treating Difficult Water
Oct. - Nov 2013 Industrial Water & Wastes Digest Article
May - June 2013 Desalination & Water Reuse Article
May 2013 WQA Article
April 02, 2013 New Manufacturing Facility
April 02, 2013 TEQUATIC™ PLUS Filter Earns Award
2012 News
Nov. 05, 2012 Dow Water & Process Solutions Introduces the TEQUATIC™ PLUS Fine Particle Filter