Get More Out of Every Drop

With water being so integral to life and progress, it's important for industry to get the most out of every drop. TEQUATIC™ PLUS Filters do just that by removing tough solids from dirty water -- even in the presence of fats, oils, greases and fibers. This enables even the most challenging water to be reused and recycled, conserving an important resource.

TEQUATIC™ PLUS Filters operate as a primary filter, as a prefilter for Ultrafiltration (UF) and other filtration technologies, or as a post filter following filtration technologies like Moving Bed BioReactor (MBBR) and Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF). They can be used as a complement or alternative to existing filters, bringing many benefits to a variety of applications. For example, when used as a prefilter to clarification, DAF and aeration, TEQUATIC™ PLUS Filters can reduce footprint in terms of space, chemicals and air requirements. They can also enhance downstream processing steps by protecting membranes, reducing bag and cartridge filter change-outs, and by reducing backwash cycles in media filters.

Best of all, TEQUATIC™ PLUS Filters are already delivering value across markets. Click below to learn more and read several case studies of customer success.